Posted by: kurtsh | January 26, 2023

NEWS: Microsoft & OpenAI “ChatGPT”

imageThere’s been a lot of news about the next-generation capabilities of ChatGPT.  If you’re trying to figure out what ChatGPT is, the good news is that it’s super easy to understand and get started.

  • WHAT IS IT? 
    ChatGPT is a services from “OpenAI” that leverages it’s GPT-3 family of large language models.
    It’s used with chatbots to deliver incredibly natural, powerful conversations.  It is a generational leap for artificial intelligence based chats.
  • WHAT IS "’GPT’? 
    Generative Pre-trained Transformer – a advanced language model that leverages relies on deep learning for human-like responses using publicly available datasets.  They call the solution “ChatGPT” because it uses the GPT language model.

What is Microsoft’s relationship with ChatGPT?
If you are leveraging Microsoft technology today, Microsoft has a multi-billion dollar partnership with OpenAI, the basis of ChatGPT, and is it’s largest founding partner.  As such:

  • Microsoft Azure will be the exclusive cloud provider for OpenAI & exclusive licensee for the GPT-3 language model used in ChatGPT.
  • Microsoft has released Azure OpenAI Service, an enterprise-class delivery of OpenAI capabilities.
  • Microsoft intends on leveraging OpenAI services, including ChatGPT, throughout it’s entire cloud portfolio including Microsoft 365, Azure & Dynamics 365.

Getting started with ChatGPT:

In order to get going with ChatGPT & all OpenAI services, sign up at the site below:


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