Posted by: kurtsh | January 24, 2023

DOWNLOAD: The Threat Hunting Survival Guide – Free Microsoft eBook

imageHoping your organization stays under the radar & waiting for bad actors to test your defense & take advantage of your vulnerabilities is a scary approach to security. Proactive threat hunting gives your organization the upper hand and doesn’t necessarily require additional headcount or roles.

The Microsoft Security Experts, “Threat Hunting Survival Guide” is a 31 page eBook (PDF) that reviews why organizations should invest in proactive thread hunting, and how to use threat hunting beyond the endpoint.

The book goes over:

  1. The difference between commodity malware & human-operated attacks
  2. How to identify signs of human-operated attacks in your environment
  3. How to prepare for basic thread scenarios
  4. How to develop your own thread hunting program
  5. How Microsoft can assist with “Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting” – a discrete service available today that Microsoft has available to extend your team of experts & reduce risk with more accurate detection.

Download the eBook here:


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