Posted by: kurtsh | November 16, 2022

EVENT: Windows Server Summit 2022

WindowsServer2022So Windows Server 2022 Azure Edition is awesome & is also ‘generally available‘.

Windows Server 2022 Azure Edition has the following features – only available when running in Azure!(

  1. Hotpatching, part of Azure Automanage, is a new way to install updates on new Windows Server Azure Edition virtual machines (VMs) that doesn’t require a reboot after installation.
  2. SMB over QUIC uses the QUIC protocol (UDP-based) instead of TCP in Windows Server 2022 Datacenter: Azure Edition, Windows 11 and later to access data on file servers running in Azure without a VPN, directly from the desktop.
  3. Azure Extended Network enables you to stretch an on-premises subnet into Azure to let on-premises virtual machines keep their original on-premises private IP addresses when migrating to Azure.

Additionally, one of my favorite features available in all editions of Windows Server is SMB compression.  It does real-time compression of file transfers that can reduce transfer time by upwards of ~80% for uncompressed data like documents, VHDs, etc. (See Ned Pyle previews SMB Compression – YouTube for a demonstration)

Tell a friend! Then register for the…

Windows Server Summit 2022:
Tuesday, December 6, 2022 9:00 AM–10:30 AM Pacific Time


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