Posted by: kurtsh | November 1, 2022

NEWS: Azure Virtual WAN simplifies networking needs

FgCne3IX0AA9CRgToday we are excited to make announcements in multiple areas of Azure Virtual WAN (vWAN), networking as a service that brings networking, security, and routing functionalities together to provide a single operational interface.

As enterprises increasingly adopt the cloud while reducing their costs, IT teams looking to consolidate, accelerate, or even revamp their wide area network should consider Azure Virtual WAN.

You don’t need to have all these use cases to start using Virtual WAN—you can get started with just one. With ease of use and simplicity built in, vWAN is a one-stop shop to connect, protect, route traffic, and monitor your wide area network.

The following areas have key announcements:

  • Remote user connectivity (also known as point-to-site VPN)
  • Routing
  • Branch connectivity (also known as site-to-site VPN)
  • Private connectivity (also known as ExpressRoute)
  • Third-Party Network Virtual Appliance Integrations

Read more about the announcements here:


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