Posted by: kurtsh | September 19, 2022

INFO: 5 Tips & Tricks for Using Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote, the best cloud-enabled notetaking solution, is still available completely free for Windows (32 or 64), Mac, iOS, Android & Web. Syncs to OneDrive for central backup & highly extensible. An absolutely critical tool in my arsenal.

Assuming you already have OneNote installed and in use, let’s go over a few cool tools & tricks to have up your sleeve to become a Power User.

OneNote is also supported by a great ecosystem of utilities, add-ins & tools.  Here’s one of my favorite companies that make 3rd party add-ins – OneNoteGem. They make an number of killer add-ins for OneNote including:

Another great tool is OneTastic – a programmable macro tool for OneNote.  Imagine automating keystrokes & menu clicks for quick execution of repetitive tasks in OneNote:  That’s OneTastic.  And they have a massive library of macros called Macroland – pre-created for you to use.

imageOneTastic has the main tool for a subscription fee and they also make available OneCalendar, a FREE tool to help you see all the OneNote pages you’ve edited over the past month.

Something some folks don’t know is you can create workflows & automations that trigger on OneNote activity using Microsoft Power Automate. Here’s some flow samples & documentation:

OneNote is great for IT Professionals, students/teachers, project managers, lawyers & legal staff, administrative professionals, creative writers & content developers.  Here’s some of the many articles written on using OneNote in various capacities:


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