Posted by: kurtsh | September 6, 2022

INFO: Soft focus, Adjust Brightness & Mirror My Video for Microsoft Teams

imageI’ve been with Microsoft for a long time and I’ve got the crow’s feet, the lousy complexion, the grey hair, etc. to prove it.

Turns out there’s 3 features in the Teams Client that improve one’s personal appearance on meetings or video calls that may or may not be enabled on your Windows PC that I discovered to be very useful:

  • Soft focus
    This is my favorite feature & something commonly available on phone filters & Snapchat: It softens the focus on your face, eliminating wrinkles, blemishes, pimples, etc.
  • Adjust Brightness
    Stop worrying about your lighting! Auto-brightness adjust will change the brightness of your appearance depending on the light around you to ensure you’re always visible.
  • Mirror My Video
    By default, your appearance is broadcast as a flat image meaning that written words appear backwards.  (ex: Text on your shirt, pages held up to your camera, etc.) By mirroring your video, any text viewed by meeting participants is seen correctly.

A community announcement was made about these “personal appearance” features here:


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