Posted by: kurtsh | July 16, 2022

RELEASE: Windows Autopatch now Generally Available!

Stop managing your own Windows updates & outsource it to Microsoft engineering at NO COST to Windows Enterprise E3/E5 customers.  Windows Autopatch is now generally available!

Windows Autopatch is a free service that allows Windows E3 and E5 customers to automate updating for Windows 10/11, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft 365 apps.  Watch this video to learn about Autopatch in 40 seconds:

Microsoft configures the policies and deployment service of Windows Update for Business on your behalf. What you see are updates and patches that get rolled out progressively through testing rings that we create for you and get paused or rolled back if there are issues.

    You can save time and money by enrolling endpoints in Windows Autopatch. The time is saved by not having to define testing rings, schedule deployments, and essentially stop your normal activities every Patch Tuesday to plan and manage updates.  It should lead to fewer support tickets related to updating, and to more productive uptime for enrolled devices.
    From a security perspective, making sure your devices are always up-to-date and have the latest updates is an important aspect of securing devices.  A broader benefit however of Windows Autopatch is peace of mind:  Not only are there expert Microsoft engineers running the Autopatch system, but the FastTrack team is ready to help you get enrolled at no additional cost. With the App Assure promise, you can be sure that should an issue arise, Microsoft has your back.



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