Posted by: kurtsh | July 16, 2022

NEWS: New SQL Server Blogging Series

imageWe’re excited to introduce the SQL Server 2022 blog series!

From product insights to best practices, you’ll learn about SQL Server 2022 directly from the engineering team that built it.

Read more about the subtopics this series will cover:

In our upcoming SQL Server 2022 blog series, you will learn about new innovation, discover best practices, and gain product insights from the engineering team who built it. Our product team members are lined up to share specifics from their respective areas of expertise.

The series will cover:

  • Performance and scalability, including buffer pool parallel scan.
  • Security and governance, including SQL Server Ledger and Microsoft Purview.
  • Query processing, including Intelligent Query Processing Next Gen.
  • Analytics, including Azure Synapse Link.
  • T-SQL enhancements, including JSON data support.
  • Availability, including the new link feature in Azure SQL Managed Instance.
  • Deployment options, including SQL Server on Linux and Containers and SQL Server on Azure Arc–enabled servers.

Bookmark the SQL Server 2022 Blogging Series page to follow along and see future blog posts.


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