Posted by: kurtsh | July 10, 2022

HOWTO: Apply Animated Backgrounds to your video in Microsoft Teams

imageEver wanted an animated background in your video during a Microsoft Teams conference call?  Rogier Dijkman figured out how to do it – here’s a quick synopsis:

  1. Take any animated GIF file, such as ANIMATED.GIF & rename it to ANIMATED.PNG. (You can convert any video file to animated GIFs at
  2. Make a copy of ANIMATED.PNG & call it ANIMATED_thumb.PNG. (Add the text “_thumb” to the end of the file name in lowercase or this won’t work)
  3. Copy BOTH files to:
  4. Start a Teams meeting & turn on your camera. Click the Ellipsis (…) & select “Apply Background Effects”.
  5. Select the Animated Background to enable it.

I’ve created a collection of 10 animated backgrounds for Microsoft Teams to get you started:


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