Posted by: kurtsh | June 29, 2022

NEWS: "Microsoft Azure Will Grow Faster and Bigger Than Expected, Says Analyst"

Credit Suisse is very bullish on Microsoft & says it will grow faster than it’s competitors, particularly as customers reach an inflection point where they move to PaaS services instead of just migrating VMs to the cloud.

imageIn a 67-page research report published on Thursday, Credit Suisse analyst Phil Winslow laid out in detail why he thinks Microsoft (ticker: MSFT) can grow Azure “faster and bigger” than what Wall Street expects. Winslow sees a shift unfolding in the way businesses are using the cloud that plays to Microsoft’s strengths.

My favorite line in this article: “We believe these levels of sustained growth and profitability are still not properly reflected in consensus estimates or valuation.”

Read the full article here:


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