Posted by: kurtsh | June 20, 2022

VIDEO: New Free Assessment Tool to Get Started with Azure

imageWhich assessment tool is right for you? Assess cost management of your workloads, boost business performance with your developers, identify gaps in governance.

Reduce research time for cloud adoption strategy in Azure with new assessment tools. There’s often a lot of room for optimization when you start to move your services to the cloud. Matt McSpirit, Microsoft Azure expert, joins Jeremy Chapman to show you how to build solutions the right way, with the least amount of trial and error.

Assessment tools can make it easier to find what you need to build or host your workloads in Azure with the right SLAs and help you to assess and close gaps on skill sets, stakeholder support, business KPIs and budget targets. We’ve packaged up the learning we’ve seen working with organizations. There are common patterns where your adoption strategy for the business can start to break down, and conversely, where they succeed. We’ve used these insights to inform our assessments which are part of our Cloud Adoption Framework — and they are completely free to use.

  1. The Cloud Adoption Strategy Evaluator – look at your current strategy and get broad recommendations as you make the case for building cloud-based solutions
  2. Azure Well-Architected Review – assess things like the reliability, cost management, operational excellence, security and performance efficiency of your workloads
  3. The Cloud Journey Tracker – find the best cloud adoption path based on your needs
  4. Developer Velocity – guidance to boost business performance with your developers The
  5. Governance Benchmark – identify gaps in your organizations current state of governance
  6. Strategic Migration Assessment and Readiness Tool – prepare for large scale cloud migrations

Watch the overview here:



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