Posted by: kurtsh | June 6, 2022

TRAINING: Insider Risk Management for Microsoft Purview

Looking to protect your organization from insider leaks?  With the increasing number of new staff and outgoing staff, insider risk in organizations has never been higher & poses the single greatest risk to an institution’s security.

Get trained on Microsoft Purview’s Insider Risk Management.

imageIn this Ninja page, we share the top resources for Insider Risk Management users to become more proficient with the Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management solution. 

We are very excited and pleased to announce this edition of the Ninja Training Series. There are several videos and resources available, and the overall purpose of the Insider Risk Management Ninja training is to provide the relevant resources to get started and become more proficient in this area.

After each section, there will be a knowledge check based on the training material you’ve just finished! Since there’s a lot of content, the goal of these knowledge checks is to help you determine if you were able to get a few of the major key takeaways. 

Lastly, this training will be updated on a quarterly basis to ensure you all have the latest and greatest material! We are continuously delivering product updates and thus you should check both the public roadmap and message center posts to stay up to date.

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