Posted by: kurtsh | April 13, 2022

INFO: Using Microsoft Enterprise DevTest Subscriptions for Azure

Enterprise Agreement customers now have a great way to run their development and testing workloads on Azure, with numerous advantages:

  • Ideal for teams, multiple subscriptions allowed
  • Access to Dev/Test images in the Gallery, including Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Special lower Dev/Test rates on Windows Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, SQL Database, SQL Managed Instance, HDInsight, App Service (Basic, Standard, Premium v2, Premium v3) and Logic Apps
  • Additional savings with Reservations for one-year or three-year commitment on VMs, Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance
  • Same great EA rates on other Azure services
  • Centralized management via the Azure Enterprise Portal
  • No separate payment—just use the funds already on your Enterprise Agreement

Only active Visual Studio subscribers with standard subscriptions can use the Azure resources running within an Enterprise Dev/Test subscription, though end users can also access the application to provide feedback or perform acceptance tests. Use of resources within this subscription is restricted to developing and testing applications, and no uptime guarantee is offered.


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