Posted by: kurtsh | April 11, 2022

EVENT: “Secure all the Things!” – April 11-14, 2022

imageWe’ve got 4 new learning sessions coming your way: 

  • Intro and Azure AD Security
    • Microsoft security story
    • Why security should be part of all your projects
    • Securing Azure AD Connect in your hybrid Azure AD deployment
    • Securing Authentication with MFA and Conditional Access
    • Securing Application access with SSO and Application Registration
    • Secure administration using entitlements and Privileged Identity Management
  • Securing your Azure deployments
    • Deploying VM’s in a default secure configuration
    • Managing on-premises and 3rd party clouds with Azure Security Center
    • Understanding Networking Security components in Azure
    • Securing your infrastructure with Azure Defender for….
    • Data security for Azure Storage and Databases
    • Operationalizing security with Microsoft Sentinel
  • Protecting Microsoft 365
    • Managing security in Microsoft 365
    • Secure deployment of Exchange Online
    • Protection from attacks against SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business
    • Securing your Microsoft Teams and M365 Groups deployments
    • Managing Microsoft Defender in SMB with Lighthouse
    • Mobile device and BYOD security with Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Securing Dynamics and Power Platform
    • The Need to Secure Your Dynamics 365 Information
    • Securing the Dynamics 365 Platform
    • Protecting data fields and tables in Dynamics 365
    • Identity Security in Power Platform
    • Securing Your Environments against Data Loss
    • Data governance policies in Power Platform

Join us on April 11-14:


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