Posted by: kurtsh | March 23, 2022

WEBINAR: "Enhance hybrid work in government by building a secure device strategy" – March 24, 2022

imageFind out how choosing the right devices can transform your organization

A Gartner survey shows that “institutional agility is the way public-sector leaders and Chief Information Officers can balance stability with speed”1 to respond faster and better to disruptions. How can you achieve agility while transitioning to a hybrid workplace? Start from the inside: provide employees with the devices they need to do their best collaboratively, safely, and from virtually anywhere.

A streamlined device strategy for state and local government must give teams modern tools to work effectively and foster security. The benefits of a hybrid approach range from boosted workforce collaboration and productivity to proactive protection, improved IT efficiency, cost reduction, and easier deployment. Take advantage of all these benefits by bringing cloud-ready Surface devices into your strategy.

Join us in this webinar to discover with real-life scenarios:

  • How the Surface PCs and devices can help meet the needs of your workforce—for example, combining Surface, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams to better remote working.
  • How to address the IT challenges of hybrid work and its device deployment, management, and security needs.
  • How to transition to an automated approach using an integrated cloud and modern device strategy.
  • How to use chip-to-cloud protection to apply a zero-trust security strategy to devices.

Lead the digital transformation in government with Microsoft.


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