Posted by: kurtsh | March 23, 2022

DOWNLOAD: Power BI End-To-End Diagram (3rd party)

Melissa Coates, a Power BI professional & trainer, created the diagram to the right.  It’s a nice illustration of the different ways Power BI can be used – outside of simple reporting.

imageThis is the fourth major revision over the last few years. Why do I produce this diagram?

Mostly I produce this diagram to help with awareness that Power BI can be used a lot of ways. Although the diagram doesn’t include every single possible item, I try to include the most important items — when you’re focused on a cloud-based deployment.

You might use the diagram to:

  • Notice some aspects that you may not be aware of, and inspire you to learn more about them.

  • Talk with coworkers about what’s involved with the Power BI ecosystem.

  • Dispel the notion that Power BI is “just” a reporting tool.

  • Consider if you’re planning and managing the Power BI ecosystem sufficiently.

Download the .PDF here:


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