Posted by: kurtsh | February 26, 2022

WEBINAR: Protecting your Crown Jewels with Defender for Endpoint – March 8th, 2022

Are you using your seMTT Cropped - sticker-jpgcurity tooling effectively?

The old mentality of deploying security tooling and hoping that its default configuration provides enough protection is not only dangerous but misses on the benefits of next-generation tooling.

In today’s world of fast-evolving security threats, knowing how to optimize security tooling is a critical skill that most security teams must learn and implement to stay one step ahead of the wave of ever-changing attacks.

Join Samuel Soto, Chitresh Pandit, and Suprapat Dechanansub, experienced security consultants from the Microsoft Compromise Recovery Security Practice, as they discuss the ins and out of fine-tuning Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to protect your high-value assets.


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