Posted by: kurtsh | February 15, 2022

SURVEY: Help us Understand Challenges of SIEM users for OT (Operational Tech) Security In ICS

Do you work in Operational Tech (OT) Security?

imageWe are currently working on expanding Sentinel to address the needs of the OT/ ICS (Industrial Control System) security environment.

Our first goal is to understand the needs and challenges of SIEM users for OT security (ICS environments include manufacturing plants, chemical processing plants, food production plants, SCADA systems eg: oil and gas industry pipelines, water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, power plants, transport industry control systems etc.)

This would work in conjunction with D4IoT sensors which only analyze east-west network traffic. We would ideally like to expand this coverage to include, north – south traffic, firewall information, badge in badge out information, Application data from servers, log in-out info from workstations and more to gauge a more holistic look into the environment.

If you work in this space and would be willing to share more about your needs, please use our form at:


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