Posted by: kurtsh | January 28, 2022

DOWNLOAD: eBook: “Connect your hybrid workplace with Windows 365 or Azure Virtual Desktop

image“Although many employees are ready to return to the workplace, more than 70 percent say they want flexible remote work options to continue. 1 So how can you help them collaborate and stay productive without compromising security or increasing complexity for IT?

As you define your hybrid work strategy, consider a Cloud PC solution with Windows 365 or a virtual desktop solution optimized for flexibility with Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop). Pairing one of these simple, flexible options with Surface devices will connect your people to the data and information they need while keeping your organization secure.

Whether you choose Windows 365 or Azure Virtual Desktop, you can provide your full-time employees, part-time employees, contractors, and interns with a highly flexible, simple, secure, and familiar experience using the Windows operating system on Microsoft Surface. The right approach and technology can help your organization embrace the hybrid era today to grow and innovate for tomorrow.

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