Posted by: kurtsh | November 5, 2021

DOWNLOAD: “Azure Training Journey” – The Guide

We have a great guide that was released that provides organizations with guidance around how to go about taking training that they have available through the Enterprise Skills Initiative.

It’s 45 pages that goes over:

  1. What a person’s role might be
  2. What learning path they should take
  3. What classes are available
  4. A syllabus for each class delivered in ESI

Here’s an excerpt of the description of this tool:

  • imageA map for the next milestone
    Use this guidebook to discover the recommended journey for your team. The following pages describe the recommended tracks learners can take to receive the maximum benefits of this program.
  • Master the basics and beyond
    Each journey is designed to help managers and learners identify where to start and where to go based on their specific role or projects.
  • Everything you need in one place
    After determining which journey is the right fit, find courses, training opportunities, and other important information that sets your team up for success.

Download the training guide below:


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