Posted by: kurtsh | October 17, 2021

HOWTO: Open a Premier/Unified Support ticket


You have two options to open a Support Ticket: 

  1. Call into the Support Line @ 1-800-936-3100. (Access ID required: You would get your organization’s access ID from the principal manager of the agreement in your organization) This option will allow you to speak with a Technical Router to define and route your issue to the appropriate team at Microsoft.
  2. Go to and create a Support Request under your organization’s workspace. No access ID required for registered users. (Please note, if you utilize this option you will need to accept and register in the Services Hub workspace.  If you are unregistered you will need to get an invitation from the principal manager of your agreement or your Customer Success Acct Mgr.)

Both these options are further explained in the following link as well:


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