Posted by: kurtsh | October 12, 2021

INFO: Windows 11 means “Security”

imageThe Windows Security Team recent released a massive post that explains what Windows 11 is all about.

You’ll hear about how Windows 11 is faster… how it’s smarter in how it enables collaboration… how it improves productivity… how it provides a Windows 10 compatible & consistent experience…

But the biggest & most important value of Windows 11 is it’s security… it’s ability to protect data & secure access, anywhere as a ‘”Zero Trust-ready” operating system.

As the world has changed over the past 18-months, companies have been wrestling with ways to keep employees and data protected as they support new ways of hybrid working. We built Windows 11 to be the most secure Windows yet with built-in chip to cloud protection that ensures company assets stay secure no matter where work happens.

Seventy-five percent of software decision-makers feel that the move to hybrid work leaves their organization more vulnerable to security threats.

We designed Windows 11 for today’s hybrid workplace. With Windows 11, hardware and software work together for protection from the central processing unit (CPU) all the way to the cloud so our customers can enable hybrid productivity and high-quality employee experiences without compromising security.

To address the increasing sophistication and number of attacks against firmware/hardware, we partnered with manufacturers to create a new class of Secured-core PCs in 2019 and a new security-specific processor in 2020, the Microsoft Pluton, that redefines Windows security at the CPU.

The new hardware security requirements that come with Windows 11 are designed to build a foundation that is even stronger and more resilient to attacks. Windows 11 isolates software from hardware. This isolation helps protect access—from encryption keys and user credentials to other sensitive data—behind a hardware barrier, so malware and attackers can’t access or tamper with that data during the boot process.

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