Posted by: kurtsh | October 7, 2021

BETA: Use real-time telemetry to troubleshoot poor meeting quality (Preview)

Real-Time Analytics lets IT admins look at their important users’ scheduled meetings and see audio, video, content sharing, and network-related issues. As an admin, you can use this telemetry to investigate these issues during meetings and troubleshoot in real time.

imageWhat is Real-Time Analytics?

Today, individual meeting troubleshooting is available for Teams administrators through Call Analytics after the meeting ends. Real-Time Analytics lets admins troubleshoot scheduled meetings while they’re in progress.

Real-Time Analytics shows detailed information about Teams meetings for each user in your Office 365 account, updated in real time. It includes information about devices, network, connectivity, audio, video, and content sharing issues, which will help admins troubleshoot call quality more effectively.

As a Teams admin, you get full access to all real-time telemetry data for each user. In addition, you can assign Azure Active Directory roles to support staff. To learn more about these roles, see Give permission to support and help desk staff.

This feature is currently in public preview until the end of 2021. After this time, the Advanced Communications add-on for Microsoft Teams will be required for each user whose telemetry you wish to view in real time. For more information, see Advanced Communications add-on for Microsoft Teams.

For docs on the new feature, visit:


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