Posted by: kurtsh | October 5, 2021

DOWNLOAD: Free eBook, “Windows 11 Security Book: Powerful security from chip-to-cloud”

imageMicrosoft is so serious about the importance of Windows 11 & its impact on the security of it’s customers, it’s put together a 62 page document that highlights the ways it defends users from the threats of the coming decade.

Our customers need modern security solutions that deliver end-to-end protection anywhere. Windows 11 is a build with Zero Trust principles for the new era of hybrid work. Zero Trust is a security model based on the premise that no user or device anywhere can have access until safety and integrity is proven. Windows 11 raises the security baselines with new requirements built into both hardware and software for advanced protection from chip to cloud. With Windows 11, our customers can enable hybrid productivity and new experiences without compromising security

In Windows 11, hardware and software work together for protection from the CPU all the way to the cloud. See the layers of protection in this simple diagram and get a brief overview of our security priorities below.

  1. imageHardware Security
  2. Operating System Security
  3. Application Security
  4. Identity & Privacy
  5. Cloud Services
  6. Security Foundation

Download the whitepaper now.


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