Posted by: kurtsh | October 4, 2021

DOWNLOAD: Free eBook, “Cloud anywhere: Azure for hybrid, multicloud and edge environments”

imageLower costs, scale quickly, and manage your infrastructure more efficiently with #Azure. Get the e-book for an overview of hybrid cloud fundamentals:

Manage your infrastructure more efficiently, reduce your costs, and achieve global scalability—while meeting local and industry regulations—with a secure and seamless hybrid cloud on Azure. Read this e-book to get an overview of hybrid cloud fundamentals like networking, identity and access management, and security.

Explore specific opportunities for implementing hybrid cloud infrastructure in your organization, including how to:

  • Use the hybrid cloud in industries and regions with special regulatory concerns. 
  • Consistently deploy apps and data across remote offices. 
  • Manage Kubernetes apps at scale. 
  • Address implementation and regulation challenges with new Azure hybrid cloud solutions like Azure Stack Hub. 

Download the eBook here:



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