Posted by: kurtsh | September 16, 2021

BETA: “OpenSilver” – open-source Silverlight implementation

OpenSilver is an open source implementation of Silverlight that doesn’t require plug-ins.  It’s designed to help folks transition past the soon-to-be unavailable Silverlight – for folks that still have intranet solutions written that haven’t been recoded.

imageWith the browser industry shifting away from the plugins model, Microsoft Silverlight will soon reach the end of support, and the installer will no longer be available for download after October 12. Thousands of companies that relied on it for their Intranet applications are forced to rewrite them using other technologies, spending months or even years of man-hours, allocating critical resources that could be leveraged elsewhere, and risking ending up with applications that might have fewer features than the original ones.

OpenSilver is an open-source implementation of Silverlight that doesn’t require plugins. The technology has been in Technical Preview since March 2020 and is today being released in Beta. It provides a path forward for .NET developers and IT departments that still have legacy Silverlight applications. We envision two objectives for OpenSilver :

  • To provide an alternative to rewriting from scratch with another technology, and allow for the migration of legacy Silverlight applications in a short period of time while retaining all the features of the original applications.
  • To create a tool to build rich web applications from scratch using C# and XAML, with the efficiency and productivity of the Silverlight SDK.

Here is the statement about Silverlight’s end of support from Microsoft:

Read more about the project here:


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