Posted by: kurtsh | September 4, 2021

RELEASE: Microsoft Nucleus – Data synchronization

imageWe’ve recently announced the coming inclusion of Microsoft Nucleus to the OneDrive sync app.  In June 2021, we published message center notification MC261538 which highlighted the coming availability of the technology to Office 365 E3 & E5 subscribers.

Announced at Ignite 2020, Nucleus is a sync engine for data in databases and other data repositories like Microsoft Lists – which is it’s initial use case. Because it is similar to differential synchronization for files, it makes for easy inclusion into the OneDrive synchronization client, already used for efficient file sync between disconnected laptops.

For Microsoft Lists, users can add, remove, and update list items when working offline and Nucleus will synchronize the changes with the Microsoft Lists in Office 365.

Project Nucleus enables the caching of web content on local machines in the name of improving performance. It’s not just caching data; it is also synching changes to the local cache leveraging some of the underlying technology that Microsoft uses in OneDrive sync. Project Nucleus uses SQL Lite as a metadata store and for lightweight processing.

Microsoft Nucleus will be available as a service plan at no additional cost to Office 365 E3 or E5 licensing.  Disabling the service plan within the M365 Admin Console will disable the service for end users.

On August 11, we published MC277196 to announce the introduction of a Nucleus service plan to roll-out in September 2021 (Microsoft 365 roadmap item 68809).


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