Posted by: kurtsh | September 4, 2021

INFO: Finding rogue access points on the Microsoft corporate network

imageFinding rogue access points on Microsoft’s network has become an important mission inside the company.

Wireless gadgets have come to all but dominate the IT world. Employees within Microsoft, and many other large corporations, regularly bring in their own wireless devices. Bringing in a home office wireless router or a wireless speaker system might seem harmless, but such “rogue access points,” or rogue APs, pose serious security risks.

In the case of a wireless router designed for home use, it might have a default password that is literally “password” or the name of the brand. That could give drive-by hackers’ easy access to an enterprise’s network.

“An unauthorized user could be sitting in the parking lot and you just knowingly or unknowingly gave them access to the corporate network,” says Pete Fortman, a principal engineer for Microsoft who focuses on security.

Read more about Microsoft’s project to continually eliminate rogue access points:


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