Posted by: kurtsh | September 4, 2021

EVENT: “Your Passwordless Future Starts Now” – Microsoft Security, October 13, 2021

Microsoft Security is having an event around how & why to implement Passwordless security.  And they’re bringing an all-star cast of speakers.

imagePasswords are leaving organizations increasingly more vulnerable and quickly becoming a relic of the past. Bring your organization into the future by adopting a passwordless authentication strategy. Attend this event to see how Microsoft solutions such as Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Authenticator are allowing users to forget their passwords while staying protected.

Register for the event to learn how to:

  • Strengthen security and improve efficiency by moving to passwordless authentication.
  • Combat the misconceptions of going passwordless.
  • Educate employees about adopting passwordless authentication methods.
  • Use the multiple methods that are available through Microsoft for passwordless sign-in.
  • Replace passwords as the primary authentication method with more secure alternatives and manage at scale with Azure Active Directory.

Register today!


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