Posted by: kurtsh | August 17, 2021

NEWS: Black Hat 2021: The rapid rise of ransomware, new crisis prevention/ mitigation strategies & the latest Microsoft Security product news

imageBlack Hat USA 2021 is about understanding the needs of security professionals and meeting you where you are. With last year’s pandemic-related firefighting still fresh in our minds, this year’s event will provide a welcome respite to learn about cutting-edge security solutions, build our skillsets, and network with peers.

Microsoft Security is committed to helping you secure your entire digital estate with integrated, comprehensive protection—bridging the gaps to catch what others miss. We provide the leading AI, automation, and expertise that help you detect threats quickly, respond effectively, and fortify your security posture.​ As the world enters a new normal where seasoned security professionals are more needed than ever, we’re proud to share our experience and learn from you at the virtual Black Hat USA 2021.

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