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INFO: Tools to Move from IE11 to Microsoft Edge

imageThe clock is ticking on Internet Explorer 11.

IE11 expires on June 15, 2022 meaning that no security patches/updates will be made available for it after this date & no support from Microsoft will be provided.  It also means:

  • All desktops must migrate off of Internet Explorer 11 by June 15, 2022
  • Alternative means of accessing any internal web sites & applications that actively require IE11 need to be found

The best solution for providing a true Enterprise browsing experience is Microsoft Edge.  Edge provides:

  • Chrome compatibility – the same sites accessed by users with Chrome are accessible using Edge, including the installation & use of Chrome extensions
  • Internet Explorer 11 compatibility – for sites that IT authorizes
  • Privacy Protection – ensure users behavior & information aren’t tracked or stored by advertising companies to prevent data leakage
  • VM-based Security – Protect users from bad web sites online by running browser tabs in hardware-based virtual machines/containers, blocking access to file systems, OS settings, and the your corporate network
  • Centralized Security Controls – IT policy-based management to control the security, configuration, and behavior of Edge
  • User-based Profile Sync – A login-based experience that provides the same favorites, home page, history, even extensions!, etc. for users
  • Enterprise Support – Full prioritized technical support – with escalation for customers with Premier/Unified support contracts with Microsoft

Fortunately, organizations have been switching off of Internet Explorer 11 for many years now and the tools by which they’ve done this are well documented.

imageThis list provides written guidance around the following to move from IE11 to Microsoft Edge:

  • Microsoft Edge setup guide aka “Edge Advisor”
  • Discover and configure sites that require IE mode
  • Microsoft Edge | Internet Explorer mode and compatibility
  • App Assure program

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