Posted by: kurtsh | June 24, 2021

BETA: “SAP Threat Monitoring” for Azure Sentinel (Preview)

Microsoft has one of the largest implementations of SAP in the world.  As such, we’ve created & made available a preview of Microsoft-developed security monitoring solution specifically for SAP, called “SAP Threat Monitoring” leveraging our Azure Sentinel security incident & event management solution.

imageAs one of the leading solution providers for applications that manage business processes, SAP is the custodian for massive amounts of sensitive data in many of the biggest organizations in the world.

Since these applications are business-critical, an SAP security breach can be catastrophic. Yet, protecting SAP applications is uniquely challenging. These systems are growing in complexity as organizations expand them beyond base capabilities. They are vulnerable not only to outside attacks, but also insider threats. What’s more, their complex nature means that threats can emerge across multiple modules, making cross-correlation especially important.

It has been traditionally very difficult for security operations (SecOps) teams to effectively monitor them due to the unique nature of the SAP ecosystems and the expertise they require. We set out to meet this challenge with the new SAP threat monitoring solution for Azure Sentinel. Now in public preview, the solution provides continuous threat detection and analytics for SAP systems deployed on Azure, in other clouds, or on-premises. Now, SecOps teams can use Azure Sentinel’s visibility, threat detection, and investigation tools to protect their SAP systems and cross-correlate across their entire organization.

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