Posted by: kurtsh | June 23, 2021

WEBINAR: Managing Internal vs. External Threats – On-Demand

Best practices on managing cyber-risks and protecting your information in today’s work-from-home world

Iimagenternal bad actors are always a possibility and external ones are assured—what types of monitoring and testing processes and FinTech tools are appropriate to detect and stop these types of threats?

In this webinar, delivered by Microsoft security experts at Compliance Week’s Cyber-Risk & Dara Privacy Summit, you will learn:

  • How Microsoft looks at cybercrime through the Digital Defense Report
  • Cybercrime issues and considerations in the current remote environment
  • How Microsoft solutions can help with internal and external protection across the threat kill chain
  • Actionable learnings of what you can do today to mitigate internal and external threats

Visit this website to register:


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