Posted by: kurtsh | June 21, 2021

RELEASE: Microsoft Teams Panels

imageMicrosoft Teams Panels are now generally available. 

Teams Panels are discreet touch-friendly “signage” posted outside of a conference room that displays current & upcoming meetings. First & foremost they indicate with a RED or GREEN glow if the conference room is occupied but they also allow people to:

  • Reserve the room on the spot through the touch interface
  • Visually display maps to identify available rooms nearby
  • Notify current occupants that the next meeting is waiting outside to begin
  • Automatically connect to the Teams Meetings within the conference room’s audio/video facilities

With Teams Panels, employees can book an available room on the spot or find another time slot and reserve it right from the panel. With vibrant, color-coded LED indicators, it’s easy to determine space availability from a distance. And, the intuitive and easy-to-read UI presents space and meeting information, so you can confirm you’re in the right place at the right time.

A popular feature available now is the ad hoc meeting scheduler. Let’s say you and a colleague need to jump on a quick client call. Simply go to the Teams Panel outside a meeting space. If the time slot is not booked, it will appear green. Just tap the screen to instantly book it and the room is yours for the time selected. Teams Panels use the Exchange calendar for the booking of the room, so users can have insight in the meeting space free or busy status at any time.

For more details on Microsoft Teams Panels or to contact a manufacturer of a Teams Panel like Crestron or Yealink, visit:

For other examples of Microsoft Teams-enabled hardware, visit:


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