Posted by: kurtsh | June 19, 2021

BETA: AD FS sign-ins in Azure AD with Connect Health (Preview)

For those still using ADFS, we’ve got a treat:

AD FS sign-ins can now be added to Azure AD activity reporting, giving organizations a unified view of their hybrid identity infrastructure. This sign-in activity appears in the “Federated” column of Azure AD sign-in reports for customers using the latest version of Azure AD Connect Health. Customers can stream this activity and analyze in their own SIEM tools like Azure Sentinel, or they can use the Azure AD integration with Azure Monitor and Log Analytics to unlock insights and build dashboarding within the Azure portal. Log Analytics now has a stream called “ADFS SignIns”, which contains the same schema as the sign-in data in the logs, and Azure Monitor has a new pre-built “Sign-In Report” workbook.

AD FS sign-ins can now be integrated into the Azure Active Directory sign-ins report by using Connect Health. The Azure AD sign-ins Report report includes information about when users, applications, and managed resources sign in to Azure AD and access resources.

The Connect Health for AD FS agent correlates multiple Event IDs from AD FS, dependent on the server version, to provide information about the request and error details if the request fails. This information is correlated to the Azure AD sign-ins report schema and displayed in the Azure AD Sign-In Report UX. Alongside the report, a new Log Analytics stream is available with the AD FS data and a new Azure Monitor Workbook template. The template can be used and modified for an in-depth analysis for scenarios such as AD FS account lockouts, bad password attempts, and spikes of unexpected sign-in attempts.

Read the documentation on this new feature here:


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