Posted by: kurtsh | June 11, 2021

BETA: Nudge users to set up Microsoft Authenticator app (Preview)

Azure MFA admins – ever wish there was a way to migrate your users from SMS/Phone to something more secure like Push?

Microsoft has a new Preview feature called "Nudge" that can help!

imageYou can nudge users to set up Microsoft Authenticator during sign-in. Users will go through their regular sign-in, perform multifactor authentication as usual, and then be prompted to set up Microsoft Authenticator. You can include or exclude users or groups to control who gets nudged to set up the app. This allows targeted campaigns to move users from less secure authentication methods to Microsoft Authenticator.

In addition to choosing who can be nudged, you can define how many days a user can postpone, or "snooze", the nudge. If a user taps Not now to snooze the app setup, they will be nudged again on the next MFA attempt after the snooze duration has elapsed.

Read more about this new, free features here:


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