Posted by: kurtsh | June 7, 2021

INFO: Enabling Multi-Cloud Compliance

Did you know that your other cloud solutions & data services can take advantage of the rich set of Microsoft compliance solutions that you’ve invested in?

imageWe know that the vast majority of enterprise customers have multi-cloud strategies. Our customers want and need to integrate Microsoft compliance solutions – including Information Protection and Governance, Insider Risk Management, eDiscovery as well as Compliance Management – with their other existing security, compliance, and identity-related investments. That is why we are building our Compliance platform to be extensible and address our customers’ multi-cloud reality. To that end, we see extensibility as a horizontal capability and developers as a key enabler of this across all compliance solutions.

The article is broken down into 4 areas:

  • Multi-cloud data access
  • APIs for integration
  • Built-in Compliance for Microsoft 365-connected apps
  • Enhancements in Microsoft Graph APIs for Advanced eDiscovery

Read the article here:


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