Posted by: kurtsh | June 4, 2021

DOWNLOAD: Yammer Launch & Adoption Playbook

imageUse the Yammer Adoption Playbook to help you prepare a Yammer strategy for adoption and engagement at your organization.

We want you to be successful, so here is a roadmap to help you make a successful and thriving network. While it’s not required to have all of these roles or questions answered, we’ve found that the most successful networks invest in roles that include these responsibilities.

By having specific roles and responsibilities and clear guidelines of expectations, members of the community know where to turn to when they need help.

Getting started
A great network starts with a great plan. Follow these five steps to make sure you’re ready for launch

Introducing Yammer to your organization
Starting with your champions, all the way up to the leadership team, get everyone on board and excited to use Yammer in four simple phases.

Keeping the conversations going
Now that you’ve launched, check out three ways to provide support and set up your Yammer network for success.  

Download the playbook here:


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