Posted by: kurtsh | May 28, 2021

RELEASE: Windows Package Manager 1.0

Have you ever wanted to install apps & tools on your Windows computer with a simple command like:

winget install PowerToys

Y’can now with the Windows Package Manager 1.0.

imageWe started a journey to build a native package manager for Windows 10 when we announced the Windows Package Manager preview at Microsoft Build 2020. We released the project on GitHub as an open-source collaborative effort and the community engagement has been wonderful to experience! Here we are today at Microsoft Build 2021…

We are excited to announce the release of Windows Package Manager 1.0!


winget client is the main tool you will use to manage packages on your machine. The image below displays winget executed in Windows Terminal via PowerShell. You can see the list of available commands used to manage packages and work with manifests. You can search for a package (search looks at the name, moniker, and tags) using winget search vscode. Installing something on your machine is as easy as winget install PowerToys. You can check for upgrades to packages with winget upgrade or you can just upgrade everything with winget upgrade --all. Are you setting up a new machine? Be sure to winget export packages.json on your current machine (and copy the file to your new machine) so you can winget import packages.json on the new machine. With winget list you can see everything installed in Add / Remove Programs, and you can winget uninstall <SomePackage> to remove it from your system. You can learn more about the commands and syntax from our documentation.

More information – including how to get it – is available in the announcement post below.


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