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DOWNLOAD: Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics through Power BI

imageUse Microsoft 365 usage analytics within Power BI to gain insights on how your organization is adopting the various services within Microsoft 365. You can visualize and analyze Microsoft 365 usage data, create custom reports and share the insights within your organization. You can also gain insights into how specific regions or departments are using Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 usage analytics gives you access to a pre-built dashboard that provides a cross-product view of the last 12 months and contains a number of pre-built reports. Each report provides you with specific usage insights. User-specific information is available for the last full calendar month.

The data model that powers the template app includes user attributes from Active Directory, enabling the ability to pivot in certain reports. The following Active Directory attributes are included: location, department, and organization.

See Enable Microsoft 365 usage analytics to start collecting data.

Microsoft 365 usage analytics contains a number of reports detailed in the following sections.

You can access detailed reports for each area by selecting the data tables. You can view all pre-built reports by selecting the tabs at the bottom of the site. For more detailed instructions, read Navigating and utilizing the reports and Customizing the reports.

You install it as a Global Administrator into Power BI by following the instructions below: (You need to have a Power BI Pro license to use the Template)

Docs on how to use Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics, how to modify the reports/dashboards, etc. is here:

If you have to download the Power BI Template used for Usage Analytics, download it here:
(We recommend you depend on the “Get Apps” entry for Power BI apps because the template is updated regularly and downloading the .PBIT will leave you stuck at one release.)


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