Posted by: kurtsh | May 21, 2021

HOWTO: Disable and enable Internet Explorer on Windows

imageInternet Explorer 11 has increasingly become more of a threat to Enterprises.  Bad actors aren’t just attacking IE11 users as they browse – they’re attacking users through phishing, software vulnerabilities, and subsequently calling the IEXPLORE.EXE executable on the desktop outside of the user’s conventional browsing as part of their threat.

IT organizations need to not only move to a modern browser like Microsoft Edge – they need to prevent Internet Explorer 11 from being accessible by users & foreign processes on the desktops they manage.

The following instructions provide guidance around 4 means by which Internet Explorer 11 can be disabled:

  1. Use Control Panel (client systems only), Feature On Demand
  2. Use DISM (client and server systems), Feature On Demand
  3. Use Control Panel (client systems only), Windows Feature
  4. Use DISM (client and server systems), Windows Feature

For more details on each of these methods of disabling Internet Explorer 11, visit:


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