Posted by: kurtsh | May 20, 2021

HOWTO: Enable Windows 10’s built-in Ransomware Protection

imageWindows 10 comes with built-in Ransomware protection that guards files, folders & memory areas on your PC from unauthorized access/changes (like encryption) by bad actors & unfriendly applications.

This active protection is also called “Controlled Folder Access for Windows 10” and can be found by simply typing “Ransomware protection” in the START menu.

This is a Windows Security pane under “virus & threat protection” that allows for:

  • Viewing the history of how Controlled Folder Access has blocked attempts
  • Configuration of folders to be protected
  • Authorize applications to bypass Controlled Folder Access

IT organizations can control the activation of this function in Windows 10 through Microsoft Endpoint Manager or Microsoft Intune.

Additionally, personal data recovery is possible by perpetually backing up one’s documents to OneDrive (Personal) or OneDrive for Business.

Pointers to these backed up files are visible in the Ransomware Protection menu as well.

For more details on “Controlled Folder Access”, read the following:


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