Posted by: kurtsh | March 23, 2021

INFO: Azure Migration Program

imageSimplify your move to the cloud with the Azure Migration Program.

The Azure Migration Program helps accelerate your journey to the cloud by providing the following:

Specific benefits include:

  1. Migrate your infrastructure, databases, and apps on your own terms
  2. Find the cloud migration companies and specialized Azure migration partners that best fit your scenario
  3. Get the specific security, governance, data, and networking design guidance you need for your project
  4. Qualify for Azure credits to help offset transition costs as you migrate
  5. Get cloud migration services from subsidized partners for assessment and migration
  6. Learn cloud skills with Azure technical training through Microsoft Learn and accredited partners
  7. Get direct access to FastTrack for Azure engineers to help plan your cloud migration and design your architecture
  8. Work with specialized migration partners to address your unique needs
  9. Continue to get support from migration experts even after your migration is complete

Read more about the program here:


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