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INFO: Understanding the *new* Microsoft Stream vs “Stream Classic”

A new vision for Microsoft Stream empowers users to create, share, discover, and manage video just as they would any other file.

imageWith video that will be stored in Microsoft 365, the new version of Stream builds on the rich content management features of SharePoint and unlocks the intelligence of Microsoft Graph to enhance videos across Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Stream—the intelligent video app in Microsoft 365—is being re-imagined and rebuilt to integrate seamlessly with applications across the suite, so you can create, share, discover, and manage video as easily as any Office document.

In the new version of Stream, video and audio files will be stored on the SharePoint files platform within Microsoft 365 like all other file types; already today, SharePoint powers file experiences for Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Yammer, and Outlook. This will provide the best of both worlds: intelligent video experiences powered by Stream across the suite, and management of video that leverages the power of SharePoint content services for permissions, sharing, compliance, governance, and customizable portal experiences.

A few notes of what to expect and what will be missing:

What new features already exist for new Stream if I start using it now?

The features below are already available for videos uploaded to Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, and other Microsoft 365 applications:

Will I lose any features if I start using the new Stream instead of Microsoft Stream (Classic) right now?

While there is strong feature overlap between Microsoft Stream (Classic) and the new Stream, there are some features from Microsoft Stream (Classic) that are not yet available in the new Stream. We are actively working to add the best of Microsoft Stream (Classic) into the new Stream. Check out what’s new in Stream or what’s coming next on the Stream roadmap.

These features are offered in Microsoft Stream (Classic) but are not currently available in the new Stream on top of SharePoint and OneDrive:

  • Full playback scale and performance of classic Stream
  • Stream web app to find all videos in new Stream
  • Easily getting an embed code
  • Transcripts, closed captions, and subtitles
  • Adding Microsoft Forms to a video for quizzes and surveys
  • A video player page with description, comments, transcripts, Forms, etc.
  • Ability to change playback speed (0.5x – 2x)
  • A dedicated Stream mobile application
  • A video webpart for SharePoint pages
  • Watchlist
  • Screen recording
  • Channels

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