Posted by: kurtsh | February 21, 2021

VIDEO: “Insider Risk Management” – 7-part Series

imageDon’t let insider threats go undetected. Learn how to uncover, investigate, and act on malicious activities in your organization.

Watch our 7-part Insider Risk Management Series:

  • Episode 1: Identify and take action on critical insider threats
    Insider threats and risks are a major issue for all companies and can easily go undetected until it is too late. Leveraging AI to find what humans may have missed can provide you with a game-changing advantage. Come learn how new features in Insider Risk Management can give you broad visibility into potential insider risks and quickly take action with integrated investigative workflows.
  • Episode 2: Creating and customizing built-in ML policies to quickly identify insider risks
    See how easy it is to configure a policy to detect insider risks within your organization. We offer pre-configured templates for risks ranging from IP Theft by Disgruntled Employees to Security Violations to Data Leaks. Policies can be utilized as is or customized to your organization’s needs.
  • Episode 3: Utilizing integrated workflows to collaboratively remediate insider risks
    Come learn about the end-to-end integrated workflows that ensure the right people across security, HR, legal, and compliance are involved to quickly investigate and take action once a risk has been identified.  In addition to integrations with Advanced eDiscovery, we now have the ability to push tickets to Service Now and send alerts to the Office 365 Management Activity API which can then be consumed by SIEM systems such as Azure Sentinel.
  • Episode 4: Leveraging an integrated end-to-end approach to identify and remediate insider risks
  • Episode 5: Fulfill regulatory compliance requirements with Communication Compliance​
  • Episode 6: Better with Microsoft Teams. Learn more about our latest native Teams integrated features!
  • Episode 7: Learn how to reduce communication risks within your organization

Watch the series here:


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