Posted by: kurtsh | February 19, 2021

NEWS: Microsoft Digital Transformation Showcase – State and Local Government

imageMicrosoft State and Local Government leaders Mandy Ledford and Carol Workman, respective GMs of the East and West regions, preview the Showcase. This unique digital experience demonstrates the creative ways agencies are engaging citizens, empowering employees, optimizing operations and reinventing services. It’s easy to explore demonstrations, interviews and more in our five focus areas:

  1. 21st century workforce
  2. A safer, more secure nation
  3. Connected governments and communities
  4. Reimagined health and human services
  5. Smart infrastructure
  6. Modernizing citizen services for the digital age
  7. Building trust in the online environment
  8. Using AI to understand community needs
  9. Accelerating state government remote work
  10. Moving city government forward
  11. Learning anytime., anywhere
  12. Transforming workforce strategies with data-driven insights
  13. Mapping the coronavirus in real-time
  14. Reducing costs with proactive maintenance models
  15. Working to feed the world
  16. Connecting rural America to new opportunities
  17. Improving legal case management
  18. Connecting through remote learning
  19. Preparing students for the future
  20. Sustaining North America’s largest transportation network
  21. Enhancing public safety
  22. Modernizing unemployment administration
  23. Using AI for accessible inclusive hiring
  24. Keeping the community informed
  25. Enhancing fleet operations
  26. Seeing underground infrastructure in 3D
  27. Automating emergency response
  28. Engaging the public

Be sure to download the Showcase guides to plan your visit and quickly identify key solutions. Thank you for joining us; we look forward to collaborating to deliver results, drive modernization and enhance government services.


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