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INFO: Develop & Test on Azure

There are a number of solutions architectures available using Azure that have been published for your convenience.

One of the best paths to efficiency & cost-saving is the architecture for Development & Testing in Azure.

imageDevelop and test on Azure

Provision fast, lean, and secure dev/test environments while saving substantially with the Azure Dev/Test offer

Optimize your development and test environments on Azure
Empower your team to quickly provision dev/test and pre-production environments to deliver quality products, applications, and services. Use purpose-built, managed developer services like Azure DevTest Labs, GitHub Codespaces, and Windows Virtual Desktop to easily manage and optimize dev/test environments, tenants, and subscriptions, without sacrificing governance, cost controls, or security.

  • Securely code from anywhere:
    Use Windows Virtual Desktop to securely remote into development environments. If you don’t need direct access to remote resources, use GitHub Codespaces to create cloud-hosted developer environments from any hosted Git repository. Connect to these environments directly from Visual Studio Code, which provides an experience that looks and feels local.
  • Create dev/test environments in seconds:
    Use a rich set of managed developer services to provision fast and compliant dev/test environments that are tailored to your unique needs. Quickly provision and manage team-specific environments across your organization by using Azure DevTest Labs reusable cstom templates to reproduce test environments. Simplify the management experience of Windows virtual machines (VMs) and deploy and scale your dev/test environments with ease using Windows Virtual Desktop.
  • Minimize waste and maximize control:
    Use Azure DevTest Labs to centrally manage your dev/test environments with full control of VMs, and custom template configurations to reproduce high fidelity environments.

    Set lab policies to automatically shut down and start up virtual machines, and use the lab cost trend feature to estimate your spending and set thresholds. Use Azure Cost Management for increased visibility into project costs, while utilizing quotas and policies to ensure that costs stay on target.

  • Stretch your budget with low dev/test rates:
    The Azure Dev/Test offer provides discounted rates for your ongoing development and testing, with no Microsoft software charges for Azure Virtual Machines and special dev/test pricing for other services. Save even more with reservations for one-year or three-year commitments on VMs and Azure SQL Database.

    Visual Studio subscribers also receive free monthly credits that can be used to explore and try Azure services.

More more on this, view the solution architectures here:


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