Posted by: kurtsh | February 9, 2021

INFO: Azure EA Administration Resources

imageCongratulations!  So you’ve setup an Enterprise Agreement-based Enrollment for Azure! (i.e. You established a contract that enables your organization to use Azure Commercial or Azure Government & bill your usage through Microsoft via a reseller.)

What’s next?  Well, you’ll want to set up your agreement on the and start understanding how to delegate roles, setup subscriptions, and administer your enrollment for your organization.

Here’s resources for training, documentation, and support for your next steps in being an Azure EA Enrollment Administrator:


  • EA Portal Onboarding Session (37min)
    Overview of the EA Portal walking through roles, and managing those roles, managing enrollment policies and settings, Seeing usage and costs


If you have any questions related to

    • Agreements/ Orders
    • Billing & Invoicing
    • Enrollment administration
    • Portal Access
    • Reporting & Service Usage
    • etc.

Submit a support request at the following portal.  Be prepared to submit your Azure Enrollment number which you will receive once the agreement is completed:


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