Posted by: kurtsh | November 26, 2020

WEBCAST: Best Practices for Enterprise-Wide DevOps Adoption

Adopting DevOps at an enterprise scale? Get tips to make sure you’re setting up the right environment for your developers to innovate:

imageAlthough many organizations are adopting DevOps, implementing effective practices at enterprise-scale can be difficult. Read the Enterprise DevOps Report 2020–2021, a Microsoft and Sogeti research study of more than 250 cloud and DevOps implementations. From the report, learn how to scale your DevOps practices to improve business metrics, customer satisfaction, and Developer Velocity—creating the right environment for developers to innovate. Use the study’s recommendations as a blueprint for your successful adoption of enterprise DevOps.

You’ll learn about:

  • Six key areas of enterprise IT, including governance, that face significant challenges as part of an enterprise DevOps transformation.
  • Common ideologies and patterns followed by top performing adopters to address the challenges of enterprise DevOps.
  • Strategies implemented by successful enterprises to build continuous governance, security, quality, and compliance into their engineering processes.
  • DevOps best practices to enable your organization to support distributed teams and remote work.

Watch the webcast here:


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