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TRAINING: Power Platform Beginner’s Course (Udacity)

imageIf you don’t know how to code but want to easily build apps that solve business problems, there’s now a powerful and effective solution to help you create your own. No longer will you need to get swamped with technical details or use developer resources to create amazing apps. Now, you can use low-code solutions, like Microsoft Power Platform. The best part? Udacity is offering a free, beginner-level course to show you how.

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is an app development, data analysis, automation and AI solution from Microsoft that empowers people in the tech industry who aren’t engineers — citizen developers at any level of the organization. It is a no-code platform which means that users don’t need any programming experience to use the tool.

Microsoft Power Platform has four main components:

  • Power Apps –  Low-code, extendable apps for web, iOS, and Android that can be built with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Power BI – Self-service analytics brought together in simple dashboards and reports, perfect for driving business insights
  • Power Automate – Codeless workflow automation that integrates hundreds of apps in a matter of minutes
  • AI Builder – Incorporate AI into your app using pre-built models or training your own.

Microsoft Power Platform opens up a world of possibilities, and learning how to use it is easy.

  • Dona Sarkar, Dev Manager, Power Platform & Fusion Devs Advocacy, Microsoft
  • Greg Hurlman, Power Platform Traditional Dev Advocate Lead, Microsoft
  • Gomolemo Mohapi, Power Platform Student Dev Advocate Lead, Microsoft
  • Joe Camp, Power Platform Career Switchers Advocate Lead, Microsoft

Enroll in the course here:


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